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At Yari Solutions we don’t like to call ourselves accountants and bookkeepers, because we’re also business managers. We efficiently and seamlessly become part of your team and work closely with you and your cross-functional teams. As a customer-centric team, we pay attention to the smallest details while maintaining the big picture in mind. We’re dedicated to being your right hand in running your business and maintaining compliance.

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Yaritza is utterly reliable, tech-savvy, and superb at what she does. We have a small business and she has been our bookkeeper for 7 years with never a single hiccup. I trust her absolutely and am so happy we found her.

Meet Yari.

My name is Yaritza Lebron, a.k.a Yari (a term of endearment by friends and family). As a Business Manager, Systems Implementation/Migration Expert & Finance Operations Specialist for some very successful entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, California and other parts of the nation for over 10 years, I absorbed everything I could about what makes a business successful. I was attracted to learning why some businesses succeed and why others fail.  Always looking for a challenge and being naturally gifted at solving problems coupled with a love of technology, I learned to stay ahead in the business world. I sought out and attracted businesses going through hyper-growth. From the gate, I would come in during stressful times when the business needed creative, inexpensive solutions, and fast!  My purpose is to become the most reliable resource and a most valued asset while providing the highest level of service.. Always a student of life and welcoming specialized education and mentoring, I was exposed to a decade-long crash course on what efficiency, resourcefulness, and tenacity bring to the business world.

After 10 years as a right hand to many CEOs and Presidents, I started my own practice in 2005- A Bookkeeper’s Corner- offering bookkeeping services which has now evolved into Yari Solutions offering much more. In the last 15 years running my own operation I’ve worked with over 200 businesses of every size and in multiple states helping them through their growing pains and sorting out and solving complex finance and operations challenges.

Realizing I could help more and gain more work/life satisfaction as a consultant, I quickly learned that inserting myself and my team into the companies without the overhead would be a win-win solution for both myself and my clients.

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